better together - we collaborate across disciplines to build brand and identity defining experiences.

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f&b consultancy

our global operational experience enables us to conduct a comprehensive range of quality audits. such business-centered and eye-opener diagnostics are designed to help our clients making swift, documented and profitable decisions.

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f&b project management

the doctor hospitality team is well equipped to engage into the project management of your hospitality venture, wherever it may be located.

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f&b brand management

we assist food & beverage business owners and partners to take their brand to the next level. our f&b brand management services are thorough and are designed to maximise brand impact and exposure in various territories and dining out theatres.

Events - Rest in Peace 'Frankie Knuckles' - Godfather of House Music.

Sunday 8th August 2010 KU DE TA with Angels of Love presents KU DE TA - Bikini Day Party Featuring thew Godfather of House : Frankie Knuckles (Chicago), Live in stage : Heather Small (M People)