Martin Lindstrom


Stickman Tribe

Under the Influence of Creativity.

the bare, no-named ideology stems from stickman’s ability to view concepts with ‘new’ eyes. we have no preconceived notions of relevance and definitely no pre-packaged selections up our sleeves.


service design consultancy you know your service design..?

Cool Hunting

latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture

Employment Innovations

your complete human resources compliance, legal, payroll and technology solution.

Simon Sinek

start with why

Mandarin Oriental

we are fans

Riedel Glassware

the gold standard

The Right Fit

If you’re working in the creative industry as a model, influencer, actor, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, dancer or similar, you can build your reputation and the frequency of your jobs right here.


Blanca – a blank canvas where Tomi Bjorck’s and Samuel Cole’s travels and diversity come together in a unique way.

Marco Pierre White


Class Bar (UK) Magazine

what to drink and where to drink it

Gourmet Traveller Magazine

Australias' first gourmet


WINK Models

many of Australia’s largest companies rely on WINK talent for their television, print and outdoor campaigns. Whether you are looking to cast someone 13 or seventy-two there is a good chance that WINK have exactly the people you are looking for. the diverse range of talent is complemented by a hardworking team in the WINK office, ensuring personal & dedicated attention to each booking.

music concierge


online hospitality training


meditation made simple