Vale Val Cook

Vale Val Cook


"The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently."



Last year (2017) one of the hotel industry’s most significant leaders, mentors and friends left us. Val Cook, Ambassador and Vice Principal at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. He was an Icon for the institution and hospitality industry. In his memory of dedication to others we name our referral program ‘pay it forward’.

Since 2002 - We have been assisting passionate fellow hospitality professionals with job opportunities.

Having received many emails, calls and requests over the years to assist colleagues, friends, recruiters and even people we have not met, asking for help finding staff or positions.

What we would like to underline, is that we are not head-hunters or recruiters and do not receive any commission or bonus what so ever. We are doing this to ‘pay it forward’, make a difference and help.

Most of us have been without a job, or maybe presently in between jobs. Sometimes we can’t depend on a newspaper or internet website. The truth is jobs in the hospitality industry are estimated at 80%+ obtained by referral. They are based on trust, friends and relationships.

On a daily basis Doctor Hospitality receive numerous job opportunities in our industry, which we compile and forward again to others. Doctor Hospitality encourages those to whom have received an opportunity or vacancies list to forward them again. Creating the maximum exposure, and paying it forward, just as Val Cook would have and did every day in his 26 years in his role with BMIHMS.

Pay it forward, make a difference - be a difference, you might not need a job but someone that you know might. Val did and always would.


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“Val, you have been a mentor and friend to so many students and graduates. Your contribution to the hospitality industry — here and overseas — can never be measured, but it will always be appreciated and celebrated by all those whose lives you have touched.”

Vale Val Cook, rest in peace.